About Us

We Work Hard To Provide Authentic and Ethically Sourced Indonesian Products

Led by native Indonesians, our mission is to strengthen the exchange of goods, services, cultures, and ideals between America and Indonesia.

We have 4 pillars in doing business:

  • Network: Synergize opportunities between US and Indonesia of mutual benefit.
  • Facilitate: A hub for programs and services to support US and Indonesian businesses looking to extend their markets in both countries.
  • Enhance: Promote products, technology, and services.
  • Strategize: Assist in business development to increase trade and investment.

Our Company

Enzi was created to help business owners of SMEs and entrepreneurs to connect globally with global partners, grow their businesses, and make deals.

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Services Beyond Ecommerce


Our network of contacts in the U.S. & Indonesia will get you to meet the people you need – whether its a business contact, a government official, or a future partner. We plan online and offline events, plan business trips, and help you find the right partner.
Located just 10 minutes from Washington DC, we can be your all-in-one service provider for you in the U.S. We can setup your company’s presence in the U.S. with a U.S. address and phone number, provide consultation on navigating U.S. & Indonesian cultures, and be your local contact and representative

Our Specialized Team of Experts Will Be There For You From Start-to-Finish

Our team was born in Indonesia and have spent years in the U.S. learning about its laws and regulations, consumer market, and business landscape.

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