Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Roasted Coffee Beans


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Taste Notes: Bittersweet chocolate, licorice, hints of a herbal/pine fragrance and aroma, and a pleasant lingering cocoa taste

Medium and Dark Roast Available

Semi Washed Process


This Arabica coffee presents a well-rounded cupping experience, with a distinct taste of bittersweet chocolate and licorice, accented by subtle hints of herbal and pine notes. It boasts of a clean finish, low acidity, and a medium to full body, culminating in a pleasant cocoa aftertaste that lingers on the palate. The coffee’s clean preparation makes it a versatile choice, suitable for medium and dark roasts, allowing the unique personality of the coffee to shine through.

Originating in the Sumatra island of Indonesia

Grown in elevations of 1400-1600 meters above sea level.

Low Acidity, Medium to Full Body

Roasted with quality by Mad City Coffee (Columbia, MD).


Roast Level

Medium, Dark


Ground Coffee, Roasted Beans


Regular, Organic


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